Our Services

Gamified Systems Development

We, together with our development team we develop gamified systems (software and processes).

Game Based Learning

We make the learning process feel more natural.


We consult on processes/system users engagement and experience creation.

If you have any questions regarding our works, let’s meet up and talk.

A soon to be Civil Engineer and
an Aspiring artist.

Gamer by heart and
a soon to be Software Engineer

A Modern Architect with
a sense of Creativity.

A gamification expert and a digital-analogue strategist.
“I am a conservative; I conserve the future.” Arnold Schönberg

A passionate web designer
& software developer.

A Software Engineer, a Proud Civil Servant and an Aspiring Entrepreneur with an appetite for both Science and the Arts. Crazy about Systems. A true believer of life and a brighter future for all.

Native Ethiopian and Dream-full Architect.
Native Ethiopian and Dream-full Architect.

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Goethe Institut

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