Our Stories

Chewata Awaqi is a cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary (architects, software engineers, graphics artists, game designers and gamification experts) group established in Addis Ababa. It was founded by six aspiring entrepreneurs and their German mentor. We make playful experiences for the betterment of the human journey. We got together for one purpose…

to bring back the fun in the Learning, Loving and Living Experience.

After seeing the power of games in social changes via our “Battle of the Times” initiative, we decided to form Chewata Awaqi (an Amharic term that translates to a Game Wizard (a wise man with a sense of fun)).

We believe games are the highest form of expression/Art in that they make the audience be more than a simple spectators/listener. In games the audience is also the artist, they ENGAGE with the art and express themselves in it. That’s why we believe we can create a significant social impact through the use of game thinking. Simply put

We Design Experiences, We Design Emotions,
We Design Human Expressions,
We Design Aha’s, Oooooow’s, hmmm’s, Noooo’s, Mts’s…

Together with our partners, we’ve have been doing games/experience developments (digital games, card games, physical games, and event gamification, interactive bots), providing trainings and consultancy on Games and Game Thinking (games, playful design, simulation, gamification and serious games), hosting gaming tournaments and designing impactful initiatives for sectors which we believe are the pillars of our community (Health, Tourism, Education, Public Safety and Well beings). Together we aim to

  • Gamify the pillars of our community; School, Relationships, and Work.
  • Spread and use Game Thinking all over Africa as a tool for social change.
  • Create a truly African Gaming Industry (where African stories are told by Africans to the world).