Askuala, Chewata Awaqis Education Plugin Initiative, is a very promising tool to establish a well acknowledged and playful learning.

Askuala, a traditional Ethiopic name for modern education, perfectly emblem the concept of our radical initiative in making more engagement and Multi way learning scheme in the scholastic industry. Having the great minds on board, this initiative strives to cultivate the education of Ethiopian to be more intimate, relative, and productive and most importantly Proactive.

The Dream Book


The existing K-12 Educational system was designed for yesterday’s industrial economy and not today’s knowledge economy. The education system emphasized memorization and judged students by their ability to recall factoids on multiple-choice exams.
School-> Work -> Retirement


Knowing it’s NOT possible to change a nation’s educational system in one day. Chewata Awaqi has devised a serious of overlays and workarounds to match the existing system with the knowledge economy. We accomplish that with the use of plugin subjects and updated evaluation systems.