These days, lots of initiatives are being taken to address Traffic Accidents and we see lots of ads to raise awareness of our society about the issue but the “numbers” don’t seem to decrease. As a matter of fact, traffic accidents are a staggering high that it has been considered as an epidemic and often make one wonder.

Most of the monitory methodologies being taken by the government make it seem as if the government is babysitting the community in the sense that it is trying to protect the society from itself. So, we created the Mts Initiative which got its name from the “Mts” sound Ethiopians make to sympathize with other people’s misfortunes.


The way most governments are trying to solve this dilemma it is usually by spending on lots of ads, by putting speed breakers (which significantly impact the traffic flow on all times) by doing random speed radar checks on the roads (which is actually being done during working hours (daytimes) while most of the accidents occur at night) or by looking for technological solutions like speed limiters. The measures that are being taken are either not reaching to right people, or reaching in the wrong way or at the wrong time.

An it seems that All these solutions that are being implemented here in Addis have one major problem. They consider the driver as the root of the main problem rather than part of the solution.



We combined game thinking and design thinking to come up with a cross-platform (digital/ analog) solution to keep all part of the society truly informed and engaged. We have devised a simplistic way social enterprises (societies by themselves) can solve this heart-wrenching issue by utilizing an already existing, untapped and overlooked sector; Art… We’ve called Art to the rescue.

By outlining an all-inclusive disruptive business model, taking into account the city’s existing infrastructures, tapping into Africans long-lasting values and “drawing” up a self-sustaining supply chain this initiative showcases a way to solve this problem. If you want to know more, or if you’re interested in working with us, or you want to provide funding, or simply brainstorm on the topics then let’s meet up over a tea