Medicine is a profession where learning from mistakes is not a moto. Mistakes mean people’s lives. But as important as this profession is to not only of the survival but also the wellbeing of our community, the sector has been facing lots of criticism. From staggering cost of treatment, wrong handling and mistreatment of patients, lack of sympathy from medical professionals…. and it seems the measures that are being taken are making medical professionals become more cautious (too cautious) to a point immobility. So the real question seems to be how we can empower our doctors while having our wellbeing as the main priority.


A medical professional’s life is one of the most demanding professions out there. There are all sort of sicknesses to deal with on a daily bases and often  a real encounter with death as well. The job by itself is energy draining and usually leaves practitioners either numb or resentful.


The aim of this initiative is as simple as. “If we worry about the emotional wellbeing of our doctors, they will worry about the wellbeing of our community”. And We are able to do so by simply providing continuous motivation and feedbacks. We just show them what has always been there.